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Spätzle is a type of...
a) noodle
b) cheese
c) rice
d) potato

How many German companies are there in Michigan?
a) over 200
b) over 25
c) over 700
d) over 100

On the first day of school, first graders get a..
a) Schultasche
b) Schultüte
c) Schüler
d) Schulbus

What is the capital of Liechtenstein?
a) Innsbruck
b) Bern
c) Vaduz
d) Graz

Where was Mozart born?
a) in Salzburg
b) in Wien
c) in München
d) in Berlin

Where is the annual Oktoberfest?
a) in München
b) in Frankfurt
c) in Stuttgart
d) in Hamburg

There are 300 types of...... in Germany
a) gummibears
b) choco;ate
c) sausage
d) bread

What is the capital of Switzerland?
a) Bregenz
b) Basel
c) Bern
d) Bonn

What is the capital of Austria?
a) Bonn
b) Wien
c) Salzburg
d) Zürich

What is the capital of Germany?
a) Berlin
b) Basel
c) Bonn
d) Bern

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