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Who says they were in charge when the officer asks who was the leader there?
a) Jack
b) Ralph
c) Simon
d) Bill

What is ironic about how they got rescued?
a) It was Jack who technically got them rescued
b) Ralph got them rescued

As Ralph is asking for mercy who appears?
a) A naval officer
b) Boy with birthmark on his face
c) Jack in front then kills him
d) Piggy

How did the naval officer find them?
a) Saw boys on beaches
b) Dead parachutist on mountain top
c) Smoke from fire Jack created to get Ralph out of the thicket
d) He was just cruising by

What does Ralph do when he sees a savage staring at him?
a) jumps out and kills him
b) Kills himself
c) Jumps out and runs for his life

Where does Ralph run to?
a) Runs to top of mountain
b) Runs to where fruit was
c) Runs toward the beach

After using the boulder to make a path what do Jacks boys do next?
a) Set thicket on fire
b) Get inside and kill Ralph
c) Push boulder more and squish Ralph
d) All start to throw spears and kill Ralph

Where does Ralph go after he crawls out of the thicket?
a) Into the water on the beach
b) Into jacks cave at Castle Rock
c) Hides under vines and leaves
d) To top of the mountain

When Jack finds out Ralph is in the thicket, how does he plan to get to him?
a) He uses a boulder to make a path
b) Send in one boy to get him

What does Jack plan to do with Ralph after he catches him?
a) Burn him alive
b) Make him join their group
c) Cook him and eat him
d) Cut his head off and stick it on a spear just like the pig

What is the cry of the hunter?
a) Boys crying really loud
b) Boys screaming help
c) Yelling Jacks name when they see a pig
d) Screaming AH and patting their mouths when any of the boys see Ralph

What do the twins tell Ralph when Ralph asks them what Jack plans to do with him?
a) That Jack doesn't care about Ralph anymore
b) That they will set him on fire
c) Jack and his boys plan to hunt him the next day
d) Nothing

What is important about Ralph punching the pigs skull?
a) He destroyed Jacks symbol of power just like Jack destroyed Ralph's (the conch)
b) He is strong
c) He can use the skull as a weapon
d) There is no more gift for the beast

When does Ralph plan to talk to Jack?
a) Never
b) At night
c) During daylight
d) After he has finished hunting when he is in a good mood

What is the connection between Piggy and the mother pig?
a) Both killed by Jacks group
b) Both cared for little ones
c) Both

When Ralph runs away what does Jack do to him?
a) Throws spear and tears off some of his flesh
b) Catches him and kills him
c) Tells him that he can come join their group

After Piggy dies what does Jack want to do to Ralph?
a) Have him join his group
b) Kill him too

When Roger pushes down lever that controls boulder what happens?
a) It falls and kills Jack
b) It falls and kills all the boys
c) It falls and kills Ralph
d) It falls and kills Piggy

What happens to the twins when they go to Jack's camp?
a) They get killed
b) They fall off a cliff
c) Jack has them get tied up to become a part of his group
d) Nothing

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