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What do the twins realize when they look at Ralph?
a) He is ugly
b) He is losing ability to lead
c) He looks like a girl
d) He is going crazy

What happens when the boys arrive to Castle Rock?
a) Jack tells them to leave
b) Piggy doesn't get his glasses back
c) Ralph and Jack fight
d) All of these

Why does the author even mention the fact that Piggy's tear on the conch looked like a star?
a) He likes stars
b) Piggy is like a guiding star when he guides Ralph in the right directions
c) Piggy is weird

How does Ralph's group look when they go ask for Piggy's glasses?
a) Painted faces to be accepted by Jack
b) Dirty and muddy
c) They are naked
d) As clean as possible to look civilized

How does Piggy plan to get his glasses back?
a) Asking politely for Jack to give them back
b) Telling Jack he MUST give them back because they're his glasses
c) Killing Jack
d) Stealing them back

Without the glasses what happens?
a) No possible way of making fire
b) All of these
c) Piggy cannot see clearly
d) Jack thinks he is a better chief

Why were Jack and his boys going into Ralph's shelter?
a) Needed protection from rain
b) To have fun
c) To kill the boys on Ralph's group
d) To steal Piggy's glasses

What caused piggy to have an asthma attack?
a) Jack and his boys seeking up on them
b) A snake he saw
c) A nightmare he had
d) Almost falling off a cliff

How does Jack plan to protect Castle Rock?
a) Building fires around it so no one can get through
b) Placing traps all around Castle Rock
c) Using a boulder on top of Castle rock that can be pushed down by a lever to crash down on enemy below

What happens to Simon when he is on his way down from the mountain tell the boys that there's no beast?
a) He falls off the mountain
b) He gets killed by the boys because he is unrecognizable
c) He burns and dies
d) Nothing

Why does Jack leave the pig head on the spear?
a) To scare the boys
b) To show that he is the chief
c) As a gift for the beast
d) Because he likes the pigs head

What does the pigs head tell Simon?
a) all of the boys will die
b) the whole island will burn
c) If he tells the boys the truth about the beast he will die
d) Simon will end up killing the boys

How does Jack's group get fired to cook the pig?
a) They have matches and start a fire
b) They rub two sticks together
c) They use a lighter to start a fire
d) They steal sticks from Ralph's fire

Why can't the boys of back up the mountain to continue their signal fire?
a) Ralph told them to never go up there
b) They believe there is a beast up there
c) The fire burned the mountain
d) They don't want to walk up to the mountain anymore because it's too far

When Jack says they should revote, who gets elected leader?
a) Jack
b) Simon
c) Ralph
d) Piggy

Who goes with Jack when he breaks off into his own group?
a) Nobody
b) A few boys
c) Piggy
d) Ralph

What does Piggy think of a Jack leaving to form his own group?
a) They don't need Jack and there will better decisions made
b) They must get Jack back

What does Simon suggest regarding the fire situation?
a) They should stop building fires
b) They should build a fire near Castle Rock
c) Nothing
d) They should make a fire on beach to still have smoke

Why does Jack go hunt?
a) he is hungry and is going to get food for himself
b) To kill off all animals
c) He thinks boys will join him if he has food
d) No reason

What does Jack do to the mother pigs head?
a) Nothing
b) Sticks it on a spear
c) He eats it
d) Burns it

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