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When is the 8th grade promotion ceremony?
a) Friday at 9am
b) Thursday at 9am
c) Wednesday at 1pm
d) Thursday at 5pm

Which could you NOT wear to promotion?
a) Clean, well-fitting jeans and a nice shirt
b) A dress, light make-up, and low heels
c) A strapless dress and high heels
d) Khaki pants and a button-up shirt

How many tickets will each student have for guests?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) As many as they want

What should you do after the ceremony?
a) Go home with family and start vacation
b) Go to your 3rd period class
c) Wander the school visiting teachers
d) Hang out with friends in front of the gym

If you don't attend promotion, what time will you be dismissed from school?
a) 10:00am (same as other 8th graders)
b) 2:50pm
c) 12:30pm
d) Never

Students who don't attend promotion but who come to school will...
a) be allowed to sit in the audience.
b) be required to sit in a classroom and read/do work.
c) get free time in the gym.
d) just hang out with friends all day long.

Please ask your parents to leave this in the car...
a) your screaming baby brother
b) their keys and wallet
c) balloons and noisemakers
d) their camera

Who will be this year's student speaker?
a) You
b) Justin Beiber
c) U.S. President Barak Obama
d) Student Body President Takashi Tsutsui

What is the minimum GPA required for promotion?
a) 1.0 (D)
b) 2.0 (C)
c) 3.0 (D)
d) No minimum -- let's celebrate earning all those F's!!

Who will you walk in next to?
a) Your boy/girl friend.
b) Your BFF
c) Your favorite person
d) Whoever we tell you to!!

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