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Which of the following is an endangered herbivore?
a) manatee
b) seal
c) sea lion
d) sea otter

Which of the following is not a baleen whale?
a) Blue
b) Bowhead
c) Orca
d) Right

Which structure is used by cetaceans for echolocation?
a) blowhole
b) fluke
c) melon
d) swim bladder

Which of the following is a toothed whale?
a) Blue
b) Humpback
c) Gray
d) Sperm

Which structures are used to identify the 2 suborders of cetaceans?
a) mouth and blowhole
b) mouth and flippers
c) mouth and fluke
d) blowhole and fluke

What size animals did modern whales evolve from?
a) lizard
b) otter
c) rat
d) wolf

Which is the smallest cetacean?
a) dolphin
b) porpoise
c) seal
d) sea otter

Which of the following have ear slits?
a) true seals
b) sea lions
c) sea otters
d) walruses

Which of the following uses tools?
a) seal
b) sea lion
c) sea otter
d) walrus

Which of the following is not a characteristic of cetaceans?
a) blowhole
b) flippers
c) fluke
d) hind limbs

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