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True or False: IN MAGNETS opposites attract and likes repel
a) True
b) False

Particles of air move ___________ when the air is hot
a) Slower
b) Faster

True or False: Heat energy goes from hot places to cold places when it can
a) True
b) False

A man runs 100 meters in 10 seconds. how fast is he going?
a) 1 meter per second
b) 100 meters per second
c) 4 meters per second
d) 10 meters per second

A car travels 100 meters every 1 second. How far will it travel in 5 seconds?
a) 500 meters
b) 400 meters
c) 250 meters
d) 95 meters

When you punch a wall, the wall pushes back on your hand with an equal reactive force. Which of Newton's laws does this describe?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) There is no fourth law, silly

A heavy truck takes longer to slow down than a bicycle. Which of Newton's Law's does this describe
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) There is no fourth law, silly.

A ball rolls across a field until a player stops it with his foot. Which of Newtons Law's does this describe
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) There is no fourth law, silly

In a group of animals, the taller animals are more likely to survive than the short ones. Tall animals have taller offspring. If this trend continues, what will happen to the average height of the animal herd?
a) It will get taller
b) It will get shorter
c) It will stay the same
d) All the animals will die from a freak asteroid

On a topographic map, where are you most likely going to find a river?
a) On a mountain top
b) going up and down hills
c) In a low spot/valley
d) Any place has an equal chance of having a river

The top of a wave is called the...
a) Crest
b) Colgate
c) Cap
d) Breaker

The bottom of the wave is called the...
a) dip
b) splash
c) current
d) trough

On a topographic map, lots of elevation lines very close together means...
a) Steep slope
b) Flat area

What is the first step in the scientific method?
a) Problem/Pose a question
b) Make a Hypothesis
c) Create an experiment
d) Write a conclusion

What is a hypothesis?
a) A statement that is always true
b) An educated guess
c) an observation like THE SKY IS BLUE
d) an experiment

Pollution is....
a) Harmful to the environment
b) Caused by humans
c) Dangerous to other living things
d) All of the above

Humans can best help the environment by...
a) Posting articles about the environment on Facebook
b) Taking selfies in national parks
c) Actually cleaning up pollution
d) Tweeting about endangered animals

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