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Which class of fish lacks scales?
a) Agnatha
b) Chondrichthyes
c) Osteichthyes

Which structures are found only in Osteichthyes?
a) scales and gills
b) lateral line and skin
c) operculum and swim bladder
d) caudal and dorsal fins

Which fin propels a fish in water?
a) caudal fin
b) dorsal fin
c) pectoral fins
d) pelvic fins

Which structure in fish detects changes in the water?
a) gall bladder
b) caudal peduncle
c) lateral line
d) swim bladder

Which structure maintains buoyancy in fish?
a) gall bladder
b) lateral line
c) operculum
d) swim bladder

Which of the following does a freshwater fish not do?
a) Drinks water they are in
b) Does not drink water they are in
c) Gills absorb salt
d) Produce alot of urine

Fish that live along the bottom have their
a) mouth above their eyes
b) mouth even with their eyes
c) mouth below their eyes

Which type of fin shape allows for the fastest swimming speed?
a) forked
b) lunate
c) paddle
d) square

Which is the slowest body shape?
a) disc
b) kite-like
c) round
d) torpedo

Which characteristic is the most helpful with fish identification?
a) body shape
b) color
c) mouth and eye position
d) size

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