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A major goal of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was to
a) end racial segregation
b) reduce prejudice against immigrants
c) reform prison conditions
d) improve living conditions for Native American Indians

The Marshall Plan provided economic aid to World War II in order to
a) strengthen Western Europe nations against communism
b) assist soldiers returning to civilian life
c) help Japan rebuild damage caused by the atomic bombs
d) raise the standard of living in Asia and Africa

The Cold War developed shortly after the end of World War II primarily because of the
a) results of the Nuremberg Trials
b) Holocaust during World War II
c) disputes over Japanese control of China
d) conflicting goals of the United States and the Soviet Union

During World War II, the federal government reacted to shortages of various goods by
a) raising prices to increase consumer demand
b) rationing certain products
c) increasing imports when shortages developed
d) imposing a national sales tax

In which area of the United States did the Dust Bowl of the 1930s occur?
a) Northeast
b) Southeast
c) Great Plains
d) Pacific Northwest

President Woodrow Wilson wanted to form the League of Nations to
a) prevent future wars
b) create a world trade organizations
c) develop military plans to win World War I
d) convince other nations to support the United States in World War I

Which New Deal law established a system of unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
a) Fair Labor Standards Act
b) National Labor Relations Act
c) National Recovery Act
d) Social Security Act

The United States was drawn into World War I mainly because of
a) exaggerated stories by yellow journalists
b) the unrestricted use of submarine warfare
c) a direct attack on an American military base
d) commitments made to the United Nations

A major goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act was to
a) prevent the formation of business monopolies
b) limit imports from foreign nations
c) set fair prices for manufactured goods
d) protect consumers from dangerous products

During the Progressive Era, muckrakers were best known for
a) forming new political parties
b) organizing rallies and marches
c) serving in Congress and state legislatures
d) exposing harmful practices of business and government

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