8th Grade Social Studies Review #1 Question Preview (ID: 20050)

Review For The Eighth Grade Social Studies Final Exam.

What was the most significant economic impact of the transcontinental railroads during the late 1800s?
a) eliminating overseas trade with Europe
b) expanding interstate commerce nationwide
c) decreasing the influence of big business
d) rapid rebuilding of the South after the Civil War

The separate but equal principle established by the Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson resulted in the
a) continuation of racial segregation
b) forced integration of schools in the South
c) loss of citizenship for African Americans
d) elimination of Jim Crow laws

Beginning in the late 1800s, poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses were used to
a) protect important civil rights
b) improve public education
c) prevent African Americans from voting
d) restrict immigration

The presidencies of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman were similar in that each president served during
a) severe economic depressions
b) United States participation in world wars
c) times when women could not vote
d) national Prohibition of alcoholic beverages

One reason the United States fought in the Persian Gulf War (1991) was to
a) protect the United States supply of Middle East oil
b) increase food distribution to Kuwait
c) contain the spread of communism in the Middle East
d) honor its commitments to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance

Which document was the first to specifically propose equal rights for American women?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Bill of rights
c) Seneca Falls Declaration
d) Emancipation Proclamation

The Cold War developed following World War II as a result of the
a) Berlin blockade
b) Communist takeover of China
c) Cuban missile crisis
d) Vietnam War

Most historians agree that the world came closest to nuclear war during which event?
a) renewed threats from Nazi leaders
b) conflicts between communist and democratic governments
c) space race between the United States and the Soviet Union
d) invasion of Poland by Germany

One long-term result of the creation of an interstate highway system was that it
a) led to the passage of the GI Bill
b) caused a decline in the automobile industry
c) improved relations with Canada and Mexica
d) supported the growth of American industry

What was one way United States participation in World War II affected the American economy?
a) Many factories were forced out of business.
b) Military supplies were produced instead of some consumer goods.
c) Imports of products from Europe significantly increased.
d) Shortages caused by the war contributed to the start of the Great Depression.

Which New Deal agency was set up to provide unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
a) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC
b) National Recovery Administration NRA
c) Social Security Administration SSA
d) Works Progress Administration WPA

Which feature of the Harlem Renaissance best reflects the image of the Roaring Twenties?
a) demands for equal civil rights
b) concerns for economic prosperity
c) expression through jazz and dance
d) calls to eliminate racial prejudice

One reason the stock market collapsed on October 1929 was that
a) many stocks had been purchased on credit
b) the prices of most stocks wee too low
c) banks refused to loan money to purchase stocks throughout the 1920s
d) many companies stopped selling shares of stock

Which source of information is a primary source on trench warfare during World War I?
a) a novel about World War I
b) a textbook map showing World War I battlefields
c) an encyclopedia article about World War I
d) a diary kept by a soldier fighting on the western front during World War I

Senate oppostition to United States membership in the League of Nations was based mainly on the
a) fear that the United States would be forced to pay most of the costs of League operations
b) belief that League decision would involve the United States in foreign conflicts
c) demand by President Woodrow Wilson that the nation not join the League
d) assumption that the League would ask the United States to reduce the size of its army.

Which event led to the passage of laws that created safer working conditions?
a) Haymarket riot
b) Pullman strike
c) Triangle Shirtwaist fire
d) breakup of the Standard Oil Company

Muckrakers were writers and critics of the early 1900s who wanted to
a) expose corruption and abuses in industry
b) put an end to immigration
c) prevent integration in cities
d) shut down all factories and industries

In 1892, the United States government opened Ellis Island primarily to
a) process immigrants arriving from overseas
b) defent New York City from attack
c) check the safety of imported products
d) serve as the first federal prison in New York State

Progressive Era writers such as Upton Sinclair and Ida Tarball were called muckrakers because they
a) exposed corruption in business and government
b) based their writing on unsupported opinions
c) were members of political machines
d) supported changes in farming methods

What was an immediate economic result of the use of mass-production techniques in American factories?
a) increased use of homeade goods
b) reduced cost of goods
c) improved safety conditions
d) expanding membership in labor unions

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