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What is the fight or flight response?
a) A response that occurs in the brain when we feel emotion.
b) I do not feel like it, maybe later.
c) A physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival.
d) bring it on or back down right now!

The fight or flight response was first described by...
a) Walter Bradford Cannon
b) Hilary Clinton
c) Walter Bradford Smith
d) Dr. Laurence Feth

Finish this sentence-The intelligent development of the human faculties is necessary to man's happiness, .....
a) Incomplete and wrong information given
b) to be able to live up to any vision of himself.
c) enabling a person to understand, appreciate, and enjoy the knowledge of others.
d) To shape his own future

Which of the Healthy Lifestyle choices will contribute to your wholeness?
a) Sleep deeply
b) Move and be active/balance work and play
c) Practice prayer and meditation/be kind to yourself and ohers
d) All of the above

Which one of the following is the Hypothalamus, the brain's command center connected to?
a) The Thalamus
b) The Cerebellum
c) The Anterior Cungulate Cortex
d) The Pituitary Gland

Which healthy lifestyles choice can be used to promote stress prevention in your life? Choose the most important one.
a) Breathe deeply- Practice slow deep breathing for stress relief.
b) Drink pure water- Drinking pure water allows the body to eliminate stress promoting toxins and metabolic wastes.
c) Eat nutritious meals- Nutritious meals help give our bodies greater comfort, stability and improved digestion.
d) All of the above

Does wholeness shape integrity? Choose the answer that best fit your belief.
a) Yes. Because integrity is the inner sense of wholeness deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character.
b) No. These two are not related at all.
c) A person can be whole without having integrity.
d) A person can have integrity without experiencing wholeness.

How do younger children show stress? Choose one correct answer.
a) toddlers bite
b) preschoolers misbehave
c) they cry
d) All of the above

Why was education created in this country?
a) To prepare young men for meaningful lives as contributors in their community.
b) To help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
c) So that minorities and women could better themselves
d) None of the above

Only choose one correct answer. What are some of the effects of stress on the brain?
a) Your heart beats faster
b) Your blood pressure stablizes
c) You breathe faster pumping minimum oxygen and energy-rich blood to your muscles
d) All of the above

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