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Adding certain solutes, called acids and bases, disrupts the equilibrium and modifies the concentrations of
a) gas and metal
b) hydrogen and oxygen
c) hydrogen and hydroxide ions.
d) carbon and hydroxide ions.

_____ is a substance that increases the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution and Any substance that reduces the _____ concentration in a solution is a _____
a) acid :hydrogen ion; base
b) base:acid hydrogen ion
c) hydrogen ion:acid :base
d) acid: hydrogen ion: neutral

Buffers typically consist of a ____and its _____.
a) ;weak acid ;corresponding base.
b) base and acid
c) acid and base
d) metal :gas.

Acid precipitation can wash away key soil buffers and plant nutrients such as
a) carbon and phosphorus
b) calcium and magnesium ions.
c) magnesium and iron
d) nitrogen and hydrogen

________ is the quantity of heat that a liquid must absorb for 1 g of it to be converted from liquid to gas.
a) high speciic heat
b) joule
c) Heat of vaporization
d) calorie

is a serious assault on water quality in some industrialized areas.
a) base precipitation
b) lead in river
c) carbon monoxide
d) Acid precipitation

, is equivalent to 0.239 cal.
a) pi cal.
b) 239/1000 cal.
c) 23.9/100 cal.
d) the joule (J),

_________ is the amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 g of that substance to change its temperature by 1°C.
a) joule
b) specific heat of a substance
c) one calorie
d) kilogram.

What is the relevance of water’s high specific heat to life on Earth?
a) it is to destroy bacteria in the lakes, pond, river, oceans which can lead to evolve a new earth of purity and cleanliness.
b) it is to maintain the food web cycle between aquatic and terrestrial organisms.
c) high specific heat can evaporate water quickly so that eukaryotic organisms can absorb that heat.
d) The high specific heat of water also tends to stabilize ocean temperatures, creating a favorable environment for marine lif

the amount of heat energy necessary to raise the temperature of one g of water by 1°C.
a) 2 calorie
b) 0.5calorie
c) 1 calorie
d) 1.45 calorie

, a measure of the force necessary to stretch or break the surface of a liquid
a) water pressure
b) adhesion
c) Surface tension
d) cohesion

Water stabilizes ____ by absorbing heat from warmer air and releasing heat to cooler air.
a) humidity temperature
b) it's element
c) water temerature
d) air temperature

Atoms and molecules have _____energy, the energy of motion
a) kinetic
b) potential
c) electron
d) magnetic energy

_____ is a measure of the total quantity of kinetic energy due to molecular motion in a body of matter.
a) hot air
b) heat
c) fire
d) heater

When ____ objects of different temperatures come together, heat passes from the ____ object to the _____object until the two are the same temperature.
a) two:warmer :cooler
b) three; cooler :warmer
c) two:cooler:warmer
d) two; hot water : ice water

The hydrogen bonds joining water molecules are _____, about ____ as strong as covalent bonds. Each hydrogen bond lasts only a few _____ of a second.
a) weak:1/20;trillionth
b) weak:2/20;millionth
c) weak;3/20;trillionth
d) weak;4/20;billionth

Each water molecule can form hydrogen bonds with up to ____neighbors.
a) infinte
b) five
c) four
d) three

the clinging of one substance to another is called____ and hydrogen bonds hold water together, a phenomenon called
a) cohesion;adhesion
b) hydrogen bonding;adhesion
c) adhesion:hydrogen bonding
d) adhesion;cohesion

oxygen is more ____than ____
a) negativism;hydrogen;
b) positivism:hydrogen
c) hydrogen ;electronegative
d) electropostive;hydrogen

following the themes of emergent properties, we can trace water’s------ to the structure and--------of its molecules.
a) favorite behaviors;interactions
b) unique behaviors ;attack
c) unique communication;attack
d) unique behaviors;interactions

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