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____ can be a cute pet sometimes.
a) cat (common noun)
b) cat (proper noun)
c) Cat (common noun)
d) Cat (proper noun)

A ______ of mine is a good dancer.
a) friend (common noun)
b) friend (proper noun)
c) Friend (common noun)
d) Friend (proper noun)

My favorite song is __________.
a) Home (common noun)
b) Home (proper noun)
c) home (common noun)
d) home (proper noun)

__________ is my favorite color.
a) pink (common noun)
b) pink (proper noun)
c) Pink (proper noun)
d) Pink (common noun)

The color of my _________ is dark brown.
a) hair (common noun)
b) hair (proper noun)
c) Hair (common noun)
d) Hair (proper noun)

I love to pick _______ at our backyard.
a) flowers (proper noun)
b) flowers (common noun)
c) Flowers (proper noun)
d) Flowers (common noun)

I favorite fruit is ________.
a) Pineapple (common noun)
b) pineapple (proper nount)
c) pineapple (common noun)
d) pineapple (proper noun)

______is one of my favorite movie.
a) Annie (common noun)
b) annie (commoun noun)
c) Annie (proper noun)
d) Annie (common noun)

My favorite animal is ______.
a) dog (common noun)
b) dog (proper noun)
c) Dog (common noun)
d) Dog (proper noun)

_______ appears after the rain.
a) rainbow (common noun)
b) rainbow (proper noun)
c) rainbow (proper noun)
d) rainbow (common noun)

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