Arts And Humanities Question Preview (ID: 2002)

Elements Of Art.

People in the Appalachian culture created quilts as a way to social and produce a piece of art that is useful. For what puropose of art would quilts be created:
a) ceremonial
b) recreational
c) functional
d) artistic expression

This element of music describes how loud or soft music is
a) tempo
b) dynamics
c) harmony
d) form

People in the Appalachian culture used this to share experiences about thier past and for entertainment.
a) dancing
b) singing
c) pantomine
d) storytelling

What is a string instrument used in bluegrass or music played in the Appalachian culture is: (hint: Kentucky\'s state instrument)
a) guitar
b) piano
c) dulcimer
d) banjo

Native Americans created totem poles to tell stories about their families or an importnat person in their family. Artwork created for the main purpose of telling a story is called:
a) cermonial
b) expressive
c) functional
d) narrative

Which of the following, like sculpting, is a three-dimensional art process?
a) painting
b) carving
c) photography
d) drawing

Which is another name of a \
a) harmony
b) form
c) melody
d) rhythm

Which of the following would be a good example of contrast?
a) yellow dot on a white paper
b) camouflage vest on green uniform
c) black dot on gray paper
d) chocolate milk on a white floor

Clothing and wigs are used to transform an actor into a character are known as:
a) props
b) costumes
c) set
d) scenery

Which of these notes is held the longest?
a) whole note
b) half note
c) eighth note
d) quarter note

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