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What is the category of naturally formed features on Earth's surface called?
a) islands
b) landforms
c) mountains
d) peninsula

Equal HALVES of the Earth are called what?
a) equators
b) islands
c) hemispheres
d) plateaus

Fine, fertile soil deposited by a river
a) silt
b) crumbs
c) sand
d) dirt

A period of little rain, when growing crops is difficult
a) drought
b) no rain
c) snow
d) summer

A body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides
a) isthmus
b) island
c) peninsula

An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects
a) two cities
b) two countries
c) two large land masses

The LARGEST bodies of water on Earth are called....
a) lakes
b) ponds
c) oceans

What are ANY objects made BY HUMANS called?
a) crafts
b) artifacts
c) crops
d) quilts

Agriculture deals with...
a) planting crops (farming)
b) traveling
c) trading goods
d) blacksmiths

The watering of crops is called...
a) farming
b) irrigation
c) agriculture

If you have a surPLUS, you have ________ than what you need.
a) less
b) more

A person trained in ONE particular skill or craft is called
a) talented
b) an artisan
c) a student

If you traveled to the Fertile Crescent, you would find what 2 rivers?
a) Nile and Tigris
b) Euphrates and 18 Mile Creek
c) Euphrates and Tigris

The land between the rivers and called
a) Mesopotamia
b) Fertile Crescent
c) Rome
d) Greece

Belief in MANY gods
a) monotheism
b) polytheism

The ruler known for a harsh Code of Laws
a) Hammurabi
b) Zeus
c) Pericles
d) Diocletian

Money that a conquered people are forced to pay for their protection is called __________.
a) cash
b) loan
c) tribute

Egyptian symbols standing for a word or sound
a) symbols
b) alphabet
c) hieroglyphs

Hatshepsut was the first ___________
a) Roman ruler
b) female pharoah
c) ruler to create a code of laws

The belief in ONE god
a) polytheism
b) monotheism

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