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A steeper gradient on a topographic map is shown by
a) contour lines in circles
b) contour lines with high numbers
c) contour lines spread far apart
d) contour lines close together

Gradient means
a) slope
b) high altitude
c) high elevation
d) increasing latitude

As the temperature of a substance increases, the density will
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) I have no idea

The contour interval on a map is
a) how high the hills are
b) the difference between two adjacent contour lines
c) the name of the map
d) how steep the land is

The best model for the shape of the Earth is
a) an oval
b) a sphere
c) a football
d) a golfball

The actual shape of the Earth is
a) a perfect sphere
b) an oblate spheroid
c) an egg
d) a disk

Time gets earlier as you travel
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

Time zones are based on lines of longitude and Earth's rotation so they are
a) 30 degrees wide
b) 15 degrees wide
c) 10 degrees wide
d) 23.5 degrees wide

The altitude to Polaris is equal to your
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) 90 degrees
d) 0 degrees

If an object is cut in half, the density will
a) increase
b) decrease by half
c) decrease
d) stay the same

Lines of latitude go up to
a) 180 degrees
b) 70 degrees
c) 100 degrees
d) 90 degrees

When contour lines cross a stream and make a V shape, the V points
a) upstream
b) downstream
c) uphill
d) North

When contour lines on a topographic map are close together it means
a) there is a valley
b) the land is sloping steeply
c) the land is sloping gently
d) there is a hill

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