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A group of pictures put together in sequential order to describe how a commercial might go is called:
a) Flip Book
b) Story Board
c) Proposal Sheet
d) Comic book plan

The ____________ tool in PS allows you to create shapes and outline objects with “smooth-edged paths.”
a) Healing Brush Tool
b) Spot Healing Brush Tool
c) The Patch Tool
d) The Slice Tool

The ____________________ removes blemishes and objects, without the use of a pattern, or sample reference point.
a) High Angle Shot
b) Low Angle Shot
c) Dominant Shot
d) Bird’s Eye View Shot

The __________ tool in PS creates straight-line, radial, angle, reflected, and diamond blends between colors.
a) Paint Bucket Tool
b) Gradient Tool
c) The Art Brush Tool
d) The pattern Tool

This camera angle shows the subject from below, giving them the impression of being more powerful or dominant:
a) Custom Shape Tool
b) Pen Tool
c) Shape Tool
d) Pencil Tool

The short cut keys for “zoom in” in PS are?
a) Hold the “Shift” key and press +
b) Hold the “CTRL” key and press +
c) Hold the “Shift” key and press “Z”
d) D. Hold the “CTRL” key and press “z”

The short cut keys for “Undo” (repeatedly) in PS are?
a) Hold the “CTRL” key and press “U”
b) Hold the “CTRL” and “Shift” keys then press “U”
c) Hold the “CTRL” and “Alt” keys then press “Z”
d) Hold the “CTRL” and “Shift” keys then press “Z”

Which of the following factors does a court look at to determine whether there’s been infringement?
a) Whether the copy is identical to the original work
b) Whether the copy is “substantially similar” to the original work
c) Whether there is evidence that the alleged copier actually did copy the work
d) Whether the person accused of infringing made any money from the copy made of the work

In Photoshop what would be the technical term for “sheets of clear plastic that get pieces of a picture printed on them, when you put them together the image appears correctly.”
a) Layer
b) Filter
c) Window
d) Adjustment Style

These types of web sites; News, Government, and Public Interest all fit under this larger topic heading…
a) Educational Site
b) Informational Site
c) Portal Sites
d) Commercial Sites

The provision that allows teachers and other educators to use copyrighted material in the classroom for instructional purposes is called the:
a) Fair Use Provision
b) Educational Use Provision
c) Teacher Use Provision
d) Partial Portion Provision

The unauthorized use of copyrighted material is called:
a) Plagiarism
b) Infringement
c) Copyright neglect
d) Violation

CSS stand for?
a) Conditional Syntax Sheet
b) Cascading Style Sheet
c) Combined Style Sheet
d) Control Style Set

In the U.S a copyright last for how long?
a) The life of the author or creator
b) 30 years
c) The life of the author plus 70 years after his/her death
d) Indefinitely

In DreamWeaver what is the benefit of creating a “.dwt” file for a website?
a) A. It creates a template for the site that all the pages are made from
b) B. Any changes made in the .dwt update to .html files
c) C. The .dwt file is easier than a standard.html file
d) D. A and B are correct

The saying “First one in last one out” refers to what?
a) The order of tags in an HTML document
b) The way you must set up your folders in the computer
c) How notepad automatically sets up a tag
d) The order you must bring in pictures and text into an HTML document

An important first step in designing a Web Site is to:
a) Choose site Colors
b) Identify target user groups
c) Prototype the home page
d) Determine Controls

What will the following CSS do? p color:green;
a) The background color of the page will be green
b) The background color of any paragraph element will be green
c) The text of any paragraph element will be green
d) The text of the entire page will be green

What is wrong with the following code? img source= “mypic.jpg” /
a) Img should say image
b) The “/” should be on the following line of text
c) The entire line should be in quotations
d) Source should be src

A web site where a company may promote their services but sells nothing is called a…
a) E-Commerce Site
b) Commercial Site
c) Corporate Presence Site
d) Portal Site

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