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The doctrine or belief that there is only one God is called:
a) pagianism
b) dualisism
c) monotheism
d) mystticism

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Middle East was united under which empires.
a) Byzantine
b) Arab Caliphate
c) Ottoman
d) all of the above

Deserts in the Middle East have limited
a) the amount of land that can be used for human settlement
b) invasion from Europe in modern times
c) trade with the rest of the world
d) all of the above

Which action best illustrates Mohandas Gandhi's concept of civil disobedience?
a) a.British army outpost was bombed as a protest against the British presence in Northern Ireland
b) b. Citizens in the United States went to jail for violation segregation laws
c) c.French citizens destroyed government buildings and property to oppose arms sale to Iraq
d) d. Supporters of Ferdinand Marcos attempted a coup against the Philippine government

Which country had the most cultural influence (language, religion, architecture, art, etc.) on countries in East and Southeast Asia:
a) Korea
b) Japan
c) Vietnam
d) China

Which of the following BEST identifies the main reason for conflict and warfare in the Middle East?
a) Conflict over access to trade with western nations.
b) Conflict over trading routes
c) Conflict over land among different religious groups
d) Conflict over the use of salt water

What word best completes this sentence: Now that the sherpas in Nepal will not climb Mt Everest the peak is no longer __________.
a) available
b) attainable
c) accessible
d) attractable

Which of the following of religions ORIGINATED in India?
a) Hinduism and Buddhism
b) Judaism and Christianity
c) Islam and Shinto
d) Daoism and Legalism

Which of the following religions or belief systems best meets the following tenents:Originated in China; Philosophical belief system; Emphasis on proper behavior: Stresses loyalty to family and elders.
a) Legalism
b) Taoism
c) Confucianism
d) Judism

About 2,000 BCE in present day Israel, a man named Abraham founded the religion that would come to be known as Judaism. Almost 2000 years later, the followers of Jesus founded Christianity in modern day Israel. In about 600 CE, in present day Saudi A
a) Christianity was founded 2000 years after Judaism
b) Southwest Asia is the birth place for the three major religions
c) A man named Abraham founded the religion of Judaism
d) All three religions got their start in Isreal

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