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Some chordates do not have__________________
a) a notochord some point in life
b) pharyngeal slits at some point in life
c) a nerve chord
d) a spinal column

An animal whose body temperature changes depending on the envirnoment is called
a) ectotherm
b) invertebrate
c) vertebrate
d) endotherm

The major groups of fish are distinguished from one another by the types of _____they have
a) fins
b) skeletons
c) scales
d) eggs

An object whose bouyancy is less than its weight
a) can easily move up in the water
b) can easily move sideways in the water
c) will sink to the bottom
d) will remain floating at the same depth

Gills and lungs enable _______ to get into an animal's body
a) oxygen
b) urine
c) carbon dioxide
d) albumen

Amphibian means
a) two tails
b) double life
c) red-backed
d) three chambers

All snakes have only one
a) external ear
b) eye
c) rib
d) lung

Which of the folloing groups evolved from reptile?
a) fish and amphibian
b) amphibians and mammals
c) mammals and birds
d) no new groups

Unlike most fish, sharks
a) have skeletons of hard bone
b) have a two-loop circulatory system
c) cannot pump water over their gills
d) reproduce through external fertilation

The amphibian heart has _____________ chambers.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

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