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How does crater density relate to the moon's geolocial history
a) High crater density is associated with younger surfaces
b) High crater density is associated with older surfaces
c) Crater density and geological age are not related
d) Low crater density indicates an active geological past

How old is the moon
a) much older than the Earth
b) about the same ages as the Earth
c) much younger than the Earth
d) older than the sun

Which statment best explains why the moon has more craters than Earth
a) Earth has never been struck by rapidly moving debris
b) Weathering and erosion do not occur on the moon
c) The moon is tectonically active
d) The moon has a thicker atmosphere

Which of the following are associated with young craters
a) rilles
b) lunar regolith
c) rays
d) maria

Maria formed from which of the following
a) baslatic lava
b) lunar regolith
c) ancient water erosion
d) none of the choices are correct

What occurs when the moon casts its shadow on Earth
a) lunar eclipse
b) solar eclipse
c) sideral month
d) synodic month

How long does it take the moon to go from full moon phase to new moon phase
a) one week
b) two weeks
c) three weeks
d) four weeks

The length of daylight on the moon is about
a) 24 hours
b) 48 hours
c) 2 weeks
d) 1 month

Which of the following was NOT discovered by Galileo
a) sunspots
b) mountains on the moon
c) Jupiter's 4 largest moons
d) the 2 moons of Mars

Which astronomer spent 20 years plotting the positions of the plantes
a) Newton
b) Galileo
c) Brahe
d) Newton

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