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every year are 13 million hectares of forest disappear due to
a) deforestation or the destruction of forests by humans
b) the global warmth
c) the climate change
d) the increase of the greenhouse gases

The climate varies because of...
a) the global warming
b) the human activities
c) a combination of different causes, the seasons, natural phenomena, the greenhouse anthropic gases and more reasons
d) changes in the relative position of the planets and the Earth in the solar system

the economic growth model that takes environmental protection into account is defined as...
a) responsible social and economic growth
b) environmentally protective system
c) sustainable development
d) slow and soft planned development

a correct and environmentally sustainable management of the natural resources consist in
a) waste as much water as possible
b) mix al the rubbish and by-products in the same bin
c) Get to the job in the car but sharing it
d) treatment of polluted waters

the temperate climate stretches in latitude between
a) 65º and 90 º north
b) 65º and 90º south
c) 0 and 30º north and south
d) 30º and 60º latitudes north and south

the cold climate extend in latitude between
a) 60º and 90º latitudes norh and south
b) 60º and 90º latitude norh
c) 0 and 60 latitudes north and south
d) 0º and 30º latitudes north and south

Animals such as bears, deer and lynxes are live in the
a) dessertic and hot dessert landscape
b) coniferous forest
c) equatorial rainforest
d) tropical rainforest

In the mediterranean forest grow these trees
a) palm and cactus
b) cork oak and fragrant shrubs
c) coniferous forest with pines
d) acacia and high grasses

In hot climates is common the next landscape
a) humid sub-tropical forest
b) decidious forest
c) savannah
d) tundra

In which kind of climate can be found the decidous forest
a) IN the cold climate
b) In the dessertic climate
c) in the ecuatorial climate
d) In the temperate climate

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