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A service provided by a computer or technological company for aiding or advising customers of its product or service, also called tech support.
a) technical support
b) technical assassin
c) technical writing
d) technical college

Types of technical support
a) Self-help support
b) help desk support and face-to-face support
c) technical support
d) all of the above

There are how many steps in the troubleshooting theory.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

the steps of the troubleshooting theory
a) Identify the problem.
b) Establish a theory of probable cause.
c) Test the theory to determine cause.
d) all of the above

the steps of the troubleshooting theory
a) Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
b) Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventative measures.
c) Document findings, actions, outcomes.
d) all of the above

Troubleshooting In special cases:
a) Disconnect peripheral devices that are not essential to the operation of the system, and then restart the computer.
b) Listen for and identify sounds, such as a cooling fan that has stopped or a hard drive that is making unexpected noises
c) Run security software to be sure that there are no hacking issues on the computer
d) all of the above

Troubleshooting: In special cases:Computers tend to crash or hang up when the hard disk becomes too full.
a) Throw the computer out.
b) Free up space by deleting unnecessary files, temporary Internet files, and items in the Recycle Bin.
c) Do not delete files that may be part of the operating system or other necessary programs.
d) #2 and #3

Prevention of shock
a) keep equipment plugged in while servicing.
b) Be sure equipment is unplugged before servicing.
c) stand in water while servicing equipment
d) Be aware capacitors cannot hold a charge even after device is unplugged.

Prevention of Shock
a) Be sure equipment is unplugged before servicing.
b) Do not open power supplies or other high voltage components.
c) Be aware capacitors can hold a charge even after device is unplugged.
d) all of the above

Proper Connector Handling
a) Connectors both within and outside computing equipment are both precise and fragile.
b) Always use an appropriate amount of force when inserting or removing connectors.
c) Use caution with exposed connectors to ensure pins do not get bent.
d) all of the above

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