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Vertebrates have a skeleton inside of their body known as:
a) Exoskeleton
b) Endoskeleton
c) Indoors skeleton
d) Inside skeleton

The job of phloem is to
a) carry water from the roots up
b) carry food from teh leaves down

Most animals are
a) Protists
b) Vertebrates
c) Invertebrates
d) Sponges

How many groups are plants divided into?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Xylem is a type of
a) vascular tissue
b) dermal tissue
c) cuticle
d) stomata

The job of xylem
a) carry water from the roots up
b) carry food from the leaves down

Which of the following would you find closest to the water?
a) Fern
b) Liverwort
c) Horsetail
d) Clubmoss

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of ALL plants?
a) multicelluar
b) autotrophic
c) use chlorophyll a and b that is located in the thylakoid membrane
d) has cell walls made of peptidoglycan

Mosses grow close to the group because they
a) Do not have nutrients needed to grow
b) Do not have vascular tissue
c) Need more sunlight than most plants
d) Are unable to perform photosynthesis

Vascular tissue allows plants to move water and nutrients throughout the plant body. Another positive effect of vascular tissue is that it allows plants to
a) Stay low to the ground
b) Grow taller than plants without vascular tissue
c) Take in water through their leaves
d) Only live in wet/moist environments

Which of the following statements is TRUE about plants?
a) Plants do not have a nucleus
b) Plants are prokaryotes
c) Plants have cell walls made of chitin
d) Plants have cell walls made of cellulose

The body of fungus is made up of slender filaments called
a) xylem
b) rhizoids
c) hyphae
d) phloem

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