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ASCII- binary based encoding system and Unicode- hexadecimal based encoding system are two main systems used to assign binary or hexadecimal values to letters, numbers, symbols, etc. and are referred to as:
a) character map
b) encoding system
c) Accessories
d) system tools

Which are output devices?
a) speakers
b) printers
c) monitor or display
d) all of the above

Usually part of the ROM chip, Contains all of the code to control the startup processes of the computer, Often checks all of the components on the system when a computer is turned onr,
a) Basic Input Output System
b) monitor
c) printer
d) touchscreen

Optical drives use reflective media like:
a) CDs
b) DVDs
c) Blue-ray discs
d) all of the above

(Serial ATA) are ports which are used to plug in hard disk drives or optical drives.
c) RAM
d) Chips

The unit used to measure memory and storage on a computer. It can be broken down into bits (binary digit). A bit is a single 0 or 1 in binary. 1 byte is a character like an A.
a) mega
b) giga
c) Bytes
d) Bits

A chip on the motherboard provided by the CPU manufacturer (who may or may not have designed the motherboard) which allows the various components on the motherboard to interact with each other.
a) Chipset
b) PCI-E Slots
c) NIC card

These slots are a place to install expansion cards or boards into the computer. Examples: video cards, NIC (Network Interface Cards), RAID, SCSI, or Fiber channel cards (to plug in high speed hard drives).
a) PCI-E slots
b) Memory Controller
c) RAM
d) None of the above

This is high speed memory. L(Level) 1 is within the CPU itself. This cache is very high speed and stores instructions executed over and over. Example: If you are playing a card game, the L1 cache might store the instruction to flip over a new card.
a) Cache memory (pronounced cash)
b) RAM
c) Memory controller
d) Graphics controller

Without this your computer will not operate. It will just beep loudly for the next 216 years or until you turn it off. It is a temporary data storage area. The CPU uses it for fast access to data.
a) PLC
b) LLC
c) RAM
d) PEP

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