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All girls begin their period at the same time: true or false?
a) False: some girls begin as early as 8 years old, others as late as 15 or 16 years old
b) False, but most people begin by age 12
c) False, most do not begin until they are 13 or 14
d) True

The two main hormones whose levels increase in the human body during puberty are called:
a) Stress and nervousness
b) Testosterone and imogen
c) Testosterone and estrogen
d) Estrogen and progesterone

Having a crush on someone else is an example of a ________ change during puberty:
a) Physical
b) Social
c) Emotional
d) All of the above

Mood swings are:
a) What happens when you sit on a swing while in a bad mood
b) A sudden change in mood caused by unbalanced hormone levels in the body (and a normal part of puberty)
c) A dangerous medical condition that only affects some people during puberty
d) Something that only happens to girls during puberty

What is a physical change that boys experience during puberty that girls do not experience?
a) Two of the above answers are correct
b) Growing taller
c) Voices become deeper
d) Increase in size of penis and testicles

During puberty, we experience physical, social and __________ changes.
a) Body
b) Academic
c) Family
d) Emotional

What is a physical change that girls experience during puberty that boys do not experience?
a) Growing taller
b) Two of the above answers are correct (but before you answer, you have to tell us what they are!)
c) Developing wider hips
d) Menstruating (having a period)

What is an example of a physical change during puberty that BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS experience?
a) Both sexes experience menstruation (having a period)
b) Both sexes grow taller during puberty
c) Both sexes find that their skin produces more oil during puberty
d) Two of these answers are correct (but before you click this, you have to tell us which ones are the correct answers!)

What is the purpose of puberty?
a) All of the above
b) To help us transition in to adulthood
c) To prepare us to reproduce (have children)
d) To help our bodies mature

True or false: puberty begins at the same time for everyone
a) True: everyone begins puberty at the same time.
b) False: in fact, some people never go through puberty!
c) False: puberty begins when your body is ready and that may vary from person to person
d) True: every person begins puberty at age 11.

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