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The old cup of coffee was full of mold and slime due to its long period of _________________.
a) stagnation
b) mitigate
c) censure
d) indolence

After the student yelled at thier classmate, the teacher was forced to ______________ her from the classroom.
a) relegate
b) engender
c) preclude
d) languish

The ______________________ drunk was placed in handcuffs after he ignored the police officer's directions.
a) astute
b) fastidious
c) fallacious
d) belligerent

The _____________________ stock analysis always calculated the percent of gains perfectly for each stock he investigated.
a) belligerent
b) astute
c) reprehensible
d) indolence

Some government officials consider Saddam Hussein ______________ for the looting of Iraqi museums and government buildings.
a) reprehensible
b) fallacious
c) languish
d) fastidious

to prevent; make impossible
a) preclude
b) reproach
c) engender
d) reprehensible

to condemn severely for doing something bad
a) censure
b) indolence
c) preclude
d) engender

a) belligerent
b) exemplary
c) indolence
d) astute

combative; quarrelsome
a) fastidious
b) astute
c) fastidious
d) belligerent

perceptive; intelligent
a) astute
b) belligerent
c) indolence
d) fallacious

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