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What is the name of the number system used in digital electronics?
a) Digital System
b) Logic System
c) Base Two System
d) Binary System

The value of a resistor is determined by the ________________?
a) Unit printed on it
b) How well it works
c) the physical size of it
d) the color code

How many milliamps are there in on amp?
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 10000
d) 1000000

What does the Voltage measure in a circuit when the amperage measures 6 and the resistance measures 10?
a) 60
b) .6
c) 1.666
d) 3

Capacitance is the ability of a circuit to store ______________
a) Protons
b) Electrons
c) Electricity
d) Answers 2 and 3

Capacitance is measured in __________.
a) Ohms
b) Watts
c) Volts
d) Farads

The most important electronic component in a circuit that rectifies current is a
a) Transistor
b) Diode
c) Rectifier
d) Capactior

The function of a transistor in an electrical circuit is to __________________.
a) Rectifiy a current
b) Amplify voltages
c) Act as a timer
d) Dim the light

If a switch in opened in a circuit. The logic number would be a __________ and that circuit would be turned _________.
a) 0 and off
b) 0 and on
c) 1 and off
d) 1 and on

Electrons at rest around an object can build-up pressure and then jump to a positively charged object is an example of ____________electricity.
a) Dynamic
b) Current
c) Electrostatic
d) Static

What does a good soldered connection look like on a circuit board (shape)?
a) Cone
b) Square
c) Cone with a stick in the center
d) Sphere

What color is a good soldered connection?
a) Yellow
b) Silver
c) Brown
d) Gold

Switches, fuses and circuit breakers are all hooked up in a circuit in __________________.
a) Series
b) Parallel
c) Series-Parallel
d) Parallel-Series

The opposition to the flow of electrons is known as ________________.
a) EMF
b) Resistance
c) Capacitance
d) Current

A dry cell produces ________ current.
a) Alternating Currrent
b) Direct Current
c) Dynamic Current
d) Staitc Current

A load in a circuit is?
a) The path the electrons take
b) The power source
c) The component it is operating
d) none of the above

Current can flow in two or more paths or directions in a ___________ circuit
a) Series
b) Parallel
c) Both

27. The earth is used as a ground and has a __________________ charge.
a) Negative
b) Nuetral
c) Positive

Convert this digital number into binary 58.
a) 111010
b) 00111010
c) 1111101
d) 1010100

Convert this Binary number into digital 10101101
a) 175
b) 173
c) 128
d) 89

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