PS-1.7 & 1.8: Technology Vs Scientific Investigation Question Preview (ID: 1994)

Identify Process Of Technological Design. Differentiate Between Technological Design And Scientific Investigation. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In technological design,
a) tradeoffs may have to be made among criterial for material selection; best may be too expensive
b) the most durable material is always chosen.
c) the most easily available material is always choosen.
d) the cheapest material is always chosen.

A high priority in the technological design of a vaccine for a new, often fatal flu strain would be
a) time effectiveness or the least amount of time required for production.
b) attractive packaging to increases sales and allow decreased price.
c) a wide variety of ways to administer the drug.
d) finding a way to use the drug for other applications.

An example of the results of a scientific investigation could be
a) discovery of the organism that causes malaria.
b) production of a medicine to cure malaria.
c) design of a manufacturing process for a spray that kills mosquitos.
d) production of lotions to keep mosquitos from biting people.

An example of a result of technological design is
a) production of a new medicine to cure malaria.
b) investigation to discover the cause of malaria.
c) investigation to discover the life cycle of the mosquito that carries malaria.
d) discovery of a way to destroy the organism that causes malaria.

Both scientific investigatiion and technological design
a) research related information.
b) design a process or product.
c) evaluate to see if the results support the hypothesis.
d) implement (try out) a new product or process.

Which field of study is generally responsible for technological design?
a) engineering
b) physics
c) chemistry
d) biology

Technological design can
a) advance the standard of living in societies.
b) answer questions about the natural world.
c) investigate the relationships between the independent and dependent variables.
d) resolve questions about what is best for a society.

In technological design
a) benefits of the solution must exceed risks.
b) cost is not considered.
c) only the cheapest materials may be used.
d) the best material for the purpose is always chosen.

Technologigal design starts with
a) problem identification
b) solution design (a process or product.)
c) implementation.
d) evaluation of results.

The main purpose of technological design is to use scientific knowledge to
a) meet needs of people.
b) advance scientific knowledge.
c) answer questions about unknown relationships between variables.
d) settle debates over opposing scientific hypotheses.

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