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Long hair in the lab must be
a) cut short
b) held away from the experiment with one hand
c) always neatly groomed
d) tied back or kept entirely out of hte way with a hair band, etc.

When you finish working with chemicals, biological specimiens and other lab substances, always
a) treat your hands with skin lotion
b) wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
c) wipe your hands on a towel
d) wipe your hands on your clothes

The following acticity is permitted in the science lab
a) chewing gum
b) eating
c) drinking
d) none of the above

If a piece of equipment is not working properly, stop, turn it off, and tell
a) the principal
b) your lab partner
c) your best friend in the class
d) the teacher

Horeseplay, practical jokes, or pranks in the classroom are
a) always against the rules
b) okay
c) not dangerous
d) okay if you are working alone

Which of the following should NOT be worn during a lab activity
a) loose clothing
b) dangling jewelry
c) sandals
d) all of the above

You have been injured in the lab (cut, burned, etc.) First you should
a) visit the school nurse after class
b) see a doctor after school
c) apply first aid yourself
d) tell the teacher at once

If a fire erupts, immediately
a) notify the teacher
b) run for the fire extinguisher
c) throw water on the fire
d) open the windows

If you do not understand a direction or part of a lab procedure, you should
a) figure it out as you do the lab
b) try several methods until something works
c) ask the teacher before proceding
d) skip it and go on to the next part

After completing an experiment, all chemical wastes should be
a) left at your lab station for the next class
b) disposed of according to your teacher's directions
c) dumped in the sink
d) taken home

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