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What insurance covers a crash with another car?
a) liability insurance
b) collision insurance
c) comprehensive insurance
d) your mom

What is a bad credit indicator?
a) always paying on time
b) keeping open accounts
c) using as cash advance
d) buying dozens of cat toys on amazon even though you have no cats

What is insurance?
a) arrangement between insurer and company to protect from risk
b) risk-free plan
c) arrangement with individual and insurer to protect individual from risk
d) stupid stuff you have to pay for because you NEVER get in wrecks or get sick

What is not a federal spending category?
a) social security
b) natural defense
c) income security
d) education

What is a fee paid to the insurer to be covered under the specified terms?
a) premium
b) policyholder
c) deductible
d) allowance

What is great for emergencies but has bad interest rates?
a) insurance
b) credit
c) buying a house so baby mama's stop driving by your apartment
d) debit

How do you calculate net worth?
a) assets plus stocks
b) assets minus liabilites
c) stocks minus liabilities
d) car plus the cash your mom gives you so you can hang with yo buds

What will NOT improve your financial life?
a) save often
b) buy a home
c) live above your means
d) get an education

What is a benefit of buying a home?
a) career flexibility
b) little freedom
c) tax advangtages
d) you don't have to crash at your mom's crib no more

What is the best time to start saving for retirement?
a) as a young child
b) when you get your first job
c) when you have the extra money
d) when you get a permanent job

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