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A section of chromosome/DNA that codes for a trait
a) gene
b) allele
c) chromosome
d) genotype

E. The different forms of genetic trait. Example: A or a
a) Allele
b) Heterozygous
c) Gene
d) Chromosome

The allele combination. The two alleles an individual has.
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) Heteryzygous
d) Homozygous

The way the trait looks; physical appearance of a genetic trait.
a) phenotype
b) dominant
c) genotype
d) recessive

The strong allele
a) dominant
b) recessive
c) homozygous
d) heterozygous

The weak allele
a) recessive
b) dominant
c) homozygous
d) heterozygous

Having two of the same alleles in a gene pair
a) Homozygous
b) Heterozygous
c) Phenotype
d) Genetype

Having different alleles in a gene pair
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Genotype
d) Phenotype

Coiled DNA that carries information for hundreds of traits (proteins)
a) Chromosome
b) Gene
c) Allele
d) Phenotype

a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment
a) Punnett Square
b) chromosomes
c) Allele
d) Genotype

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