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What is RSM's mascot?
a) Trojan
b) Tiger
c) Panther
d) Knight

Where is the school located?
a) Ridge Spring, SC
b) Monetta, SC
c) BFE
d) Nowhere

What year is it?
a) 2014
b) 2000
c) 1995
d) 2013

What month is it?
a) May
b) June
c) July
d) August

Who is the Principal?
a) Wintrode
b) Ward
c) Cummings
d) Herlong

Who is the FB coach?
a) Garrick
b) Strickland
c) Corley
d) Brown

What festival is held in town?
a) Harvest
b) Poultry
c) Freedom
d) Peach

How many students do we have?
a) 250
b) 1250
c) 850
d) 50

Where do we get our pizza?
a) Pizza Hut
b) CiCi's
c) Little Caesar's
d) Domino's

Is this test for real?
a) Sure
b) Nah
c) Huh
d) Test?

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