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Jack is working in Paint to design a logo for his class project. He is having difficulty manipulating the picture and text. What program should he use?
a) Use Flash
b) Use Photoshop
c) Use MS Publisher
d) Use MS Word

How do you convert web text colors to a 16 base color system that can be used on someone's website?
b) Color Wheel
c) Hexadecimal RGB
d) RGB

Dee wants to use an image that has a solid blue background on her web page. How can she make the image blend into the background of her page?
a) Change the background of the page to solid black
b) Change the background of the page to solid blue
c) Use a blue, patterned wallpaper
d) Use a transparent wallpaper

When working on a graphic in Fireworks to remove the jagged edges; what technique will a person use?
a) Anti-aliasing
b) Cropping
c) Enhancement
d) Formatting

When editing a graphic image, how can someone easily map a polygon shape?
a) Grids
b) Guidelines
c) Snap to
d) Snap to guidelines

Which is NOT an appropriate way to make sure your site is mobile friendly?
a) Use CSS 3 guidelines
b) Use HTML5 guidelines
c) Use HTML 4.1 guidelines
d) Follow W3C guidelines

Ariel's teacher recommends she use an inline graphic of a flower on her home page. What will Ariel need to do?
a) Add a pop-up ad that contains a flower on that page
b) Add a thumbnail of a flower to access her catalog from the home page
c) Insert a flower graphic within one of the lines of text on her home page
d) Insert a flower graphic within the XHTML code for her home page

When you want to emphasize something on your website you need to use a monospaced font. Which font is a monospaced font?
a) Century
b) Courier New
c) Freestyle Script
d) Times New Roman

TJ asked Beth to help him find a color match for part of his logo he has already designed. Beth goes to the color palette and uses the multidimensional color space of red, green, and blue intensities. What color system is she using?
b) Color Wheel
c) Hexadecimal RGB
d) RGB

If you want your site to be view able on most mobile devices you should avoid what?
a) HTML5
b) CSS 3
c) SWF
d) Mp3 files

When editing an image, it is best to leave it in bitmap or other graphic software format until editing is complete. If you change it to .jpg before completing the editing work, what will happen?
a) Interlaced images will load in horizontal stripes and will be difficult to edit.
b) The compression of the .jpg will increase the brightness of the graphic.
c) The quality of the image will decrease each time you resave it as a .jpg.
d) Tools will not be available for editing the image in the .jpg format.

Baxter wants to change the color in his logo to magenta, but he does not have the exact color he would like. Baxter knows he can place a blue pixel by a red pixel to obtain a magenta color. What technique is he using?
a) Anti-aliasing
b) Blending
c) Compressing
d) Dithering

Why is it important to set a background color to your page while the image loads?
a) The background image may distract from the text.
b) The background image may not load.
c) Viewers do not like background images that contrast.
d) Viewers do not like to wait for websites to load.

Paul is designing a logo in a graphic editing program for use on his website. What format should his logo be saved as?
a) .bmp
b) .gif
c) .tif
d) .pcx

This type of background would be best to use for a site that is mobile friendly.
a) High definition photograph
b) Textured gif
c) Solid color
d) Low definition photograph

Which graphic formats are supported by all graphical browsers?
a) .bmp and .tif
b) .jpg and .gif
c) .png and .bmp
d) .tif and .jpg

What set of plug-ins should a person download if they wish to enhance their browser capabilities?
a) Quicktime and JavaScript
b) Quicktime and Shockwave
c) Quicktime and Visual Basic
d) Quicktime and C++

Jackson is looking at a Sneakers website. He clicks on a small image of a shoe and the browser displays a larger version of the same image with additional information. What design strategy is being used on this website?
a) Image map
b) Image linking
c) Site map
d) Thumbnail image

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