Science TAKS Review 3 Question Preview (ID: 1990)

General 5th Grade Science Review.

Which of these mixtures is a solution?
a) a glass of ice water
b) a beaker of water and marbles
c) a glass of saltwater
d) a jar of mixed nuts

A student plans a model to show how fossil fuels are formed. The best item to show where the energy in fossil fuels originally comes from is –
a) a lamp for the sun
b) a plastic flower for decaying plants
c) a toy dinosaur for decaying animals
d) an iron for heat and pressure

A student places crayon shavings on a piece of wax paper to represent rock sediments. The student covers the shavings with another piece of wax paper, and places several heavy bricks on top of the model. The model shows how sediments are -
a) frozen in glaciers on mountains
b) cooled and crystallized from lava
c) squeezed together by pressure in the earth
d) heated and melted inside the earth

Natural gas forms from living creatures that die and become deeply buried. The processes that cause the gas formation are –
a) heat and erosion
b) pressure and weathering
c) weathering and erosion
d) pressure and heat

A student wants to put some plants in a window-box planter. The window selected for plants is always shaded by a large tree outside the window. Which characteristic of the plants would most likely affect the plants' growth in this location?
a) leaf shape
b) light requirement
c) plant price
d) flower color

Which type of energy does a person use to pedal a bicycle?
a) light
b) sound
c) mechanical
d) electrical

Which of the following is a mixture?
a) salt
b) water
c) lemonade
d) sugar

Which characteristic can a human offspring inherit?
a) facial scar
b) blue eyes
c) long hair
d) broken leg

Which of the following changes is possible with the addition of heat?
a) liquid water changes to ice
b) water vapor changes to ice
c) water vapor changes to liquid water
d) ice changes to liquid water

Sound is a type of mechanical energy that is transmitted in the form of в”Ђ
a) waves
b) light
c) heat
d) electrons

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