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Where does cellular respiration occur?
a) mitochondria
b) nucleus
c) chloroplasts
d) ribosome

What is cellular respiration?
a) releasing energy by breaking the bonds of glucose using enzymes
b) making energy
c) eating food
d) breathing in oxygen

What does cellular respiration produce?
a) carbon dioxide, water and ATP
b) carbon dioxide only
c) carbon dioxide and glucose
d) oxygen and glucose

Energy for use in cells is stored in the form of
a) chemical bond energy
b) mechanical energy
c) heat energy
d) physical energy

What are the materials needed for cellular respiration to occur?
a) glucose, oxygen, and respiratory enzymes
b) oxygen and water
c) glucose and carbon dioxide
d) carbon dioxide and water

Which type of organisms carry out the process of cellular respiration?
a) animals, only
b) all living things
c) autotrophs
d) heterotrophs

Which equation represents cellular respiration?
a) oxygen + glucose --> carbon dioxide + water + ATP
b) carbon dioxide + glucose --> oxygen+ water + ATP
c) carbon dioxide + water --> glucose + oxygen
d) oxygen + glucose --> carbon dioxide + water + ADP

Which process in plants produces carbon dioxide?
a) cellular respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) protein synthesis
d) breathing

Identify the energy rich molecule produced during cellular respiration?
a) ATP
b) glucose
c) oxygen
d) ADP

Why are animals dependent on plants?
a) they recycle the waste carbon dioxide and return oxygen back to the atmosphere
b) they make energy for animals
c) they make water
d) make the evironment look nice

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