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If the Earth took a longer amount of time to revolve around the Sun –
a) the seasons would be shorter
b) our year would be longer
c) a week would be shorter
d) there would be 9 days in a week

A student is making a model of the solar system using fruits. The student uses a blueberry to model the Earth, which fruits should the student use to represent the size of the Sun?
a) orange
b) cantaloupe
c) tangerine
d) red grape

Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the sun?
a) The sun is about the same size as the moon.
b) The sun is much hotter than Earth.
c) The sun is much larger than Earth.
d) The Earth revolves around the sun.

The sun plays an important role in helping plants make food. The sun helps plants to make food by providing –
a) energy
b) soil
c) gases
d) fertilizer

A student uses a peach to model the layers of the Sun. How can the student make the model more like the Sun?
a) Remove the pit to show that the Sun does not have a core.
b) Attach labels to show the surface of the sun is hotter than the
c) Add black spots on the outside of the peach to look like sunspots.
d) Make scratches in the peach to look like maria.

After a long thunderstorm, a student walks outside and observes a rainbow in the sky. Which of the following events is most likely occurring?
a) It is night and the moon is shining.
b) It is morning and a strong wind is blowing.
c) It is noon and a tornado is forming.
d) It is daytime and the sun is shining.

One of the best uses of a soil that contains nutrients from decaying plants and animals is–
a) filling in holes in a driveway
b) growing healthy plants
c) making clay pots
d) preserving fossils

Less damage is done to the coastline if a hurricane hits at low tide because –
a) less rain will fall
b) the ocean will be calm
c) less erosion will occur
d) more erosion will occur

One of the reasons a duck can survive in a wetland environment is because it has –
a) a beak made for eating berries
b) tail feathers designed for walking
c) feet designed for swimming
d) feet designed for running

In the morning many fishermen tie their boats to the dock. In the afternoon, the same boats are resting on mud. The most likely explanation for the change is the -
a) season
b) tide
c) wind
d) air pressure

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