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Why is a large group of people gathered at the Wexler apartment?
a) To discuss clues
b) Angela's bridal shower
c) Grace wanted to show her new couch
d) Turtle invited people over to watch the stock market

What does Angela do to suggest to the reader she already knows what is in the present?
a) Yells at Turtle to get away from the box
b) Aims the present towards her mom
c) Yells that there is a bomb inside
d) Smiles suspiciously at Flora Baumbauch

Do the police search all of the apartments?
a) No, the police knows who set the bombs
b) Yes, they didn't find any other fireworks
c) No, they don't have enough evidence
d) Yes, and they found fireworks in Turtle's room

Who is in Angela's hospital room with her?
a) Berthe Crow
b) Otis Amber
c) Sandy McSouthers
d) Sydelle Pulaski

Who is the bomber?
a) Angela Wexler
b) Turtle Wexler
c) Otis Amber
d) Sydelle Pulaski

What happened that caused the bomb squad to be called?
a) Turtle left a candle lit when she left her room
b) Jake delivered bonbons to Grace
c) The mailman left a package at the gate
d) Otis Amber saw someone suspicious leaving a pantry

After talking to Jake Wexler, who do Grace and Mr. Hoo think is the murderer?
a) Otis Amber
b) Mrs. Hoo
c) Flora Baumbauch
d) Ed Plum

What does Theo discover when he analyzes his clues?
a) Chris's name
b) Otis Amber's name
c) Turtle's real name
d) Mr. Westing's last words

Who does Theo run into in the middle of the night?
a) Berthe Crow
b) Mr. Wexler
c) Flora Baumbach
d) Sydelle Pulaski

What is Mr. Hoo's connection to Mr. Westing?
a) He tried to sue him
b) They were once business partners
c) He is his long lost son
d) Mr. Westing funded his wife's education

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