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I really ______ to learn to read and write back then.
a) wanted
b) was wanting
c) have wanted
d) want

She ______ go out last night.
a) didn't
b) did
c) hasn't
d) isn't

They ______ to the USA ten years ago.
a) went
b) have gone
c) have been
d) were going

Why ______ there a lot of traffic?
a) was
b) were
c) has
d) be

Where was Diana ______ at 10 p.m. last night?
a) driving
b) driven
c) drive
d) drove

She was beginning to relax when suddently she ______ something on the road.
a) hit
b) hitted
c) was hitting
d) has hit

Everyone was having a good time when things ______ to go wrong.
a) started
b) have started
c) were starting
d) were started

I met her while I ______ in Paris.
a) was living
b) lived
c) have lived
d) live

Have you ever ______ to mainland Spain?
a) been
b) be
c) being
d) gone

The haven't seen the Houses of Parliament ______.
a) yet
b) just
c) already
d) soon

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