Science TAKS Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 1988)

General 5th Grade Science Review Material. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering and glaciers are four forces of nature that can change the surface of the Earth. Which of these usually cause the slowest changes to the Earth’s surface?
a) Volcanoes and earthquakes
b) Earthquakes and weathering
c) Weathering and glaciers
d) Glaciers and volcanoes

Which of the following could have been formed by glaciers moving across the Earth’s surface?
a) Volcanoes
b) Mountains
c) Lakes
d) Oceans

Choose the best description of the properties of the matter inside a bathtub.
a) solid, because it would keep its shape if moved to a new container
b) gas, because it fills all the space in its container
c) liquid, because it keeps its size and shape if moved to a new
d) liquid, because it flows and takes the shape of its container

Students observe a substance that keeps its shape, even when it changes containers. The substance must –
a) be a solid
b) be a liquid
c) be a gas
d) not be a state of matter

A desert ecosystem is a good habitat for a –
a) cactus
b) eagle
c) fish
d) tadpole

Which group of words best describes a desert ecosystem during a summer day?
a) cold, wet, many trees
b) warm, wet, small ponds
c) warm, dry, few plants
d) cold, dry, many rocks

A good habitat for a ladybug to live and grow is –
a) under a desert cactus
b) a pond
c) a sandy beach
d) on the leaves of a forest shrub

If a fire destroys plants and trees in a forest ecosystem, the animals in the area may –
a) have more food to eat
b) make their own food
c) eat the burned plants
d) become ill and perish

What would happen to the plants on Earth if there were no more sunlight? The plants would –
a) eat new kinds of food
b) grow much taller
c) grow thicker leaves
d) perish

Which two planets in our solar system are closest to the sun?
a) Earth and Jupiter
b) Mercury and Venus
c) Mercury and Mars
d) Pluto and Neptune

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