Idaho State Symbols Question Preview (ID: 1987)

Using What We Learned In Class, Answer The Following Questions About Idaho State Symbols.[print questions]

What is the Idaho State Flower?
a) Rose
b) Syringa
c) Dandelion
d) Liliac

What year did the potatoe become a state symbol?
a) 2002
b) 1842
c) 1820
d) 1907

Who decides if something becomes a state symbol?
a) Congress
b) School Teachers
c) President of the United States
d) Americans

The Idaho Star Garnet is the state gemstone. How many rays does its star have?
a) 4 or 6
b) 2
c) 8
d) 1

The Appaloosa was a war horse in the past?
a) true
b) false

Which state fruit has yet to be commercially grown?
a) Raspberry
b) Huckleberry
c) Apple
d) Watermelon

What is the name of the state fish with a jaw colored red/orange?
a) Rainbow trout
b) Salmon
c) Mino
d) Cutthroat Trout

Known as a great migrator, what is the state insect?
a) Cricket
b) DragonFly
c) Monarch Butterfly
d) YellowJacket Wasp

What is Idaho\\\'s state tree?
a) Western White Pine
b) Aspen
c) Hickory
d) Weeping Willow

What is the idaho state bird?
a) Mountain Blue Bird
b) Seagul
c) Bald Eagle
d) Hawk

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