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a collection of related pages
a) protocol
b) browser
c) web page
d) internet site

a set of rules used by internet computers
a) protocol
b) browser
c) formula
d) rules

a program that enables users to navigate the web and locate/display web documents
a) internet
b) browser
c) website
d) web page

a vast network that links together millions of computers around the world
a) web page
b) website
c) browser
d) internet

a company that provides a link from your computer to the internet
a) router
b) internet service provider
c) network
d) company

a type of search that uses an operator (+,-) to link key wiords
a) bounce message
b) internet
c) web site
d) boolean search

a notice that an email couldn't be delivered
a) failed
b) bouce message
c) unsent
d) deleted

a collected of related pages on the web
a) web site
b) web page
c) internet
d) worksheet

using a portion of copyrighted work without permission in certain cases
a) acceptable use policy
b) plagarism
c) fair use
d) free

pictures on a screen that represent various resources on the internet
a) default
b) symbol
c) web page
d) icon

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