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Why was California's economy in the 19th century different from that of other places in America?
a) The Gold Rush made people rich so more people could afford to buy products
b) With westward expansion after 1840 California had a higher population of immigrant groups
c) The Gold Rush brought many different types of business to California to suit the needs of the miners
d) California had a greater farming class of people yielding more economic development then other states.

How does the switch from water energy factories to steam factories affect American citiies?
a) Air quality improved so more people wanted to live in ciites
b) More factories were closer to cities, more people moved to cities for jobs in these factories
c) Natural resources became more available which increased the quality of life in cities
d) More factories were closer to rural areas so people left cities to live in more rural places for factory work.

Trade across the Atlantic between European nations and America was stalled during the War of 1812, how did this affect the American economy?
a) It caused the factory system to die out and there was a surge in farming production
b) The American factory system grew as we did not goods from other countries anyway
c) This forces the American economy to slow down
d) It forced the American factory system to grow to accommodate the loss of goods from other countries.

What led to the rapid growth of cities in the 19th century?
a) An increase in immigration and factories
b) An increase in immigration
c) The growth of factories
d) The rise of the middle class with factory production

How did the War of 1812 lead to the development of a free enterprise system in America?
a) The British seized control of American ports closed prohibiting trade.
b) America had no one to trade with due to poor foreign relations
c) Trade with other nations had stopped encouraging America to make new investments
d) The Embargo Act prevented trade with other countries.

What did the passage of the 14th amendment provide?
a) It gave former slaves the right to vote
b) It granted citizenship to freed slaves
c) It provided 40 acres and a mule to all freed slaves
d) It allowed a free public education to all freed slaves

What is the purpose of the 13th amendment?
a) To provide equal citizenship for all Americans regardless of race
b) To provide women the right to vote
c) To allow all Americans the right to vote
d) To abolish slavery

What was the Supreme Court ruling in Worcester vs. Georgia and Andrew Jacksons response?
a) The Cherokee were relocated and Jackson supported it.
b) The Cherokee were given the opportunity to stay in Georgia, Jackson supported this.
c) Georgia was not allowed to interfere with the Cherokee to relocate them, Jackson ignored the ruling
d) Georgia was told they could remove the Cherokee from their state, Jackson support this.

Which court case established the tradition of judicial review?
a) McCulloch vs. Maryland
b) Marbury vs. Madison
c) Gibson vs. Ogden
d) Dred Scott vs. Sanford

What court case reinforced tne authority of federal power over state power?
a) Gibson vs Ogden
b) McCulloch vs. Maryland
c) Worcester vs Georgia
d) Marbury vs Madison

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