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Between which paired tags would the visible content of a webpage be displayed?
a) html /html
b) head /head
c) title /title
d) body /body

Beth owns a small business and wants to create a website to sell products online. Which type of web hosting service is BEST?
a) Dedicated
b) Free
c) On-site
d) Shared

Sarah wants to create a webpage with the text in the Arial typeface. Which CSS inline style should she use?
a) body style=font:arial
b) body font=style:arial
c) body style=font-family:arial
d) body family=face:arial

Gina is creating a webpage using XHTML. She should make sure that all tags are:
a) keyed in all caps
b) listed in no specific order
c) using the default font
d) nested properly

Which tags are used by search engines to find a website?
a) body /body
b) html /html
c) meta /
d) title /title

To save a webpage created in a text editor, it must be saved with which file extension?
a) http
b) html
c) htm
d) css

Which is an example of using an inline CSS style in a webpage?
a) p style=color:blue
b) style=color;blue
c) p style=color;blue
d) style-color:blue

Dustin is building a website that needs to be accessed by employees 24 hours a day for important information. Which aspect of comparing web hosts will he look at?
a) Cost
b) Reliability
c) Storage
d) Traffic

Which is an example of a file that should be saved in the root folder of a website?
a) ball.gif
b) index.html
c) page4.html
d) prom.jpg

Heather wants to provide information about her webpage for use by search engines and browsers. Which tag is appropriate to use?
a) body
b) head
c) html
d) meta

John wants to insert a CSS comment identifying himself as the author. Which code should he use?
a) --Written by John Doe--
b) /*Written by John Doe*/
c) /!--WrittenbyJohnDoe/
d) Writtenby=JohnDoe

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays which role in the web development standards?
a) It makes websites accessible to everyone.
b) It develops HTML coding standards.
c) It develops new technologies.
d) It deals with all legal issues.

What is the primary purpose of the website www.thesaurus.com?
a) Entertain
b) Inform
c) Sell
d) Social

Joan created a website that organizes her biology notes into separate webpages by unit and objective. What website structure is best suited for her website?
a) Alphabetical
b) Hierarchial
c) Linear
d) Webbed

What is the proper code to insert an image named frog.jpg?
a) img pic=frog.jpg width=104 height=142
b) img src=frog.jpg width=104 height=142 /
c) img=frog.jpg width=104 height=142
d) img jpg=frog width=104 height142 /

Taylor's website has a menu button that is supposed to take visitors to yahoo.com, but instead it takes them to google.com. Before publishing the website he should check the:
a) links in the site
b) site in multiple browsers
c) source code
d) spelling in the site

What is the primary purpose of the website www.walmart.com?
a) Entertain
b) Social
c) Inform
d) Sell

The ul tag is used for which type of list?
a) Bulleted list
b) Default list
c) Numbered list
d) Definition list

Jerry wants to insert a line break into his webpage. Which code should he use?
a) lb /
b) break /
c) br /
d) br and /br

What is the primary purpose of the website www.whitehouse.gov?
a) Entertain
b) Hybrid
c) Inform
d) Sell

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