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The wise use of natural resources is called
a) production
b) conservation
c) biomass
d) restoration

Why do many solar energy systems require batteries?
a) solar energy produces very small amounts of electricity
b) the batteries store energy for use when there is no sunlight
c) the batteries reflect sunlight onto fluid-filled pipes
d) energy cannot be used directly from a solar cell

Why is the use of geothermal energy limited?
a) it can be used only in areas that have volcanic activity, and these areas are limited
b) it can be used only in areas that receive a great deal of sunlight, and these areas are limited
c) it destroys habitats, so it cannot be used in areas where there is a lot of wildlife
d) it pollutes the water, so it cannot be used in areas where people live

Which of the following does NOT release carbon dioxide when it is used as an energy resource?
a) petroleum
b) ethanol
c) coal
d) wind

Which source of energy depends on moving water?
a) geothermal energy
b) hydropower
c) solar energy
d) biomass

Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy resource?
a) coal
b) wood
c) wind
d) biomass

Which is NOT an example of a renewable resource?
a) fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural as, petroleum)
b) solar energy
c) wind energy
d) hydropower

Which is a possible disadvantage of using flowing water to produce electricity?
a) ecosystem damage and loss of land
b) reduced carbon dioxide emission
c) only suitable for industrial use
d) creates reservoirs

Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
a) wind turbines are efficient only in certain areas
b) wind turbines occupy a small area of land
c) wind turbines produce a large amount of energy
d) wind turbines create a large amount of pollution

Which would least likely have an impact on global climate changes?
a) producing energy using hydroelectric plants
b) producing energy using coal
c) producing energy using oil
d) producing energy using natural gas

Which is an example of a renewable energy resource?
a) biomass
b) coal
c) oil
d) natural gas

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