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9. To cancel down a fraction
a) To multiply the numerator and denominator by its GCF
b) To divide the numerator and denominator by its GCF
c) To divide the numerator and denominator by its LCM
d) To multiply the numerator and denominator by its LCM

8. In order to add or subtract fractions, they have to have the same ________.
a) Denominator
b) Top number
c) Bottom number
d) Numerator

6. The Least Common Multiple (LCM).
a) LCM(3,6) = 1
b) LCM(3,6) = 6
c) LCM(3,6) = 0
d) LCM(3,6) = 18

7. The Greatest Common Factor (GCF).
a) GCF(3,4) = 24
b) GCF(3,4) = 12
c) GCF(3,4) = 4
d) GCF(3,4) = 1

5. N divides by 5 leaves a remainder
a) N is a factor of 5
b) N is not a multiple of 5
c) N is a multiple of 5
d) N is a multiple of 3

4. What is a prime factorization of a number?
a) To list out all its factors
b) To list out all its prime factors
c) To express the number as the product of its prime factors
d) To express sum of number

3. A ______ is an integer that exactly divides a given integer
a) Prime factor
b) Factor
c) Primer
d) Composite

2. A _____ number is a number greater than one whose factors are only one and itself
a) Whole
b) Prime
c) Composite
d) Factor

1. What is a “whole” or “counting” number?
a) A prime number
b) A composite number
c) A natural number
d) A integer number

10. Simplify 4/12
a) 1/3
b) 2/6
c) 2/3
d) 1/2

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