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What type of metamorphic rock has aligned grains (like pages in a book) and is made of many minerals?
a) Foliated
b) clastic
c) Nonfoliated
d) chemical

What type of sedimentary rock is made of fragments of other rocks and minerals (i.e. Sandstone)?
a) organic
b) clastic
c) chemical
d) non foliated

This type of metamorphism occurs when enormous pressure builds up in a rock that is deeply buried under other rock formations.
a) felsic
b) mafic
c) contact
d) regional

What are the 3 ways that a rock can melt into magma?
a) heat, pressure increasing, composition change
b) heat , pressure releasing , composition change
c) cooling, pressure releasing , composition change
d) heat, pressure releasing, no composition change

The minerals the rock is made of determine the rocks
a) type
b) index
c) composition
d) texture

Fossils form in
a) sedimentary rock
b) metamorphic rock
c) igenous rock
d) oceanic rock

Igneous rock formations form on the Earth's surface and cool quickly are called
a) foliated
b) extrusive
c) intrusive
d) chemical

Strata is
a) the minerals the rock is made of.
b) when rocks undergo a change because of heat or pressure.
c) layers of sedimentary rock.
d) when rocks cool and solidfy.

This type of igneous rock formations have larger grains because they have more time to grow
a) mafic
b) contact
c) intrusive
d) extrusive

Weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation refer to the steps in the
a) sedimentary rock cycle.
b) metamorphic rock cycle.
c) igneous rock cycle.
d) organic rock cycle.

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