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1. Review for Life Science Spring 2014 Final
a) a genetic counselor
b) a doctor
c) your family
d) a friend

2. Which statement best explains why people suffering from hemophilia A can benefit from genetic engineering?
a) Hemophilia A is caused by environmental factors.
b) Hemophilia A affects only adults.
c) Hemophilia A is a genetic disorder.
d) Hemophilia A is an incurable disease.

3.To produce plants that are resistant to insects, scientists might introduce a gene from
a) the insect
b) other plants that are resistant to insects
c) birds that eat the insects
d) a pesticide factory

4. Which of the following conditions is least likely to be improved through genetic engineering?
a) diabetes
b) cancer
c) baldness
d) broken leg bone

5. When genes are knocked out, they are
a) added to an organism's genetic makeup
b) removed from an organism's genetic makeup
c) replaced by the genes of a different organism
d) given characteristics that allow them to mimic other genes

6. Which of the following is least likely to be accomplished by genetic engineering?
a) make plants grow bigger
b) make plants produce more food
c) make plants resist insects
d) make plants grow without water

7. Some people fear that genetic engineering may lead to
a) an influx of super-smart people into the world
b) a surplus of food that would disrupt financial markets
c) more parents choosing their baby's physical traits
d) plants that grow in poor conditions

8. A scientist that studies a person's genetic makeup is called a
a) geneticist
b) biologist
c) chemist
d) physicist

9. Genetic engineering can help ease deforestation by producing
a) trees with more leaves
b) trees with thick, reedy bark
c) fast-growing trees
d) trees that are resistant to insects

10. Which of the following is not an example of a genetic test?
a) testing protein levels
b) testing for chromosomal abnormalities
c) testing for gene mutations
d) testing for visual abnormalities

11. Which of the following cannot be detected in a genetic test?
a) trisomy of a chromosome
b) age
c) abnormal proteins
d) gender

12. Which is true regarding all X-linked disorders?
a) they are caused by mutations of the X chromosome
b) they result in a longer lifespan
c) they are linked to an unknown chromosome
d) they are disorders that affect only women

13. Genetic testing cannot do which of the following?
a) help people determine if they carry a genetic disorder
b) help people make informed decisions about having children
c) predict with certainty whether or not a parent will pass on a diseased allele to their next child
d) est for Tay-Sachs, sickle-cell, and cystic fibrosis

14. An autosomal recessive disorder requires ____ in order to affect an individual.
a) a combination of genetic and environmental factors
b) both parents to have had the disease
c) one mutated copy of the gene
d) two mutated copies of the gene

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