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In pea plants, teh gene for tallness (T) is dominant over the gene for shortness(t). If 100% of the F1 generation oppspring are heterozygous tall, what were the possible genotypes of the parents?
a) TT x tt
b) Tt x Tt
c) Tt x tt
d) TT x Tt

A person with type O blood married a person with type AB blood. Possible blood genotypes of their children are
a) AO and BO
b) AO and BB
c) BB and AA
d) AB and OO

The chances of a YY chromosome combination occurring in humas as a result of normal meiotic division is
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

In humans, a characteristic of a recessive, sex-linked trait such as hemophilia is that it
a) is carried on the X chromosome
b) is carried on the Y chromosome
c) appears most often in femals
d) never appears in females

If a man has type B blood and his sister has type A blood, which combination represents the genotypes of their parents?
a) type AB father and type O mother
b) type O father and a homozygous B mother
c) type O father and a homozygous A mother
d) both mother and father have type O blood

According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, the individuals that tend to survive are those that have
a) variations best suited to the environment
b) characteristics their parents acquired by use and disuse
c) the smallest number of offspring
d) undergone mutation

Which individuals woudl have the most similar DNA sequences?
a) identical twins
b) Mr. O'Hanlon and Mr. Abramovic
c) two cousins
d) a brother and a sister

Color blindness is a sex-linked trait carried on the X-chromosome. If a boy is born color-blind, what would have to be true?
a) His mother carried at least one gene for colorblindness
b) His grandfather passed on the color-blind trait to his father
c) His father had normal vision
d) His grandmother was color-blind

Why don't all children have the same eye color?
a) Eye color is determined by a combination of both parents
b) Eye color is determined by one parent only
c) Eye color is completely random in humans
d) Eye color is determined by the sex of the child

In cats, the gene for short hair (A) is dominant over the gene for long hair (a). A short-haired male cat is mated with a long-haired female, and four kittens are produced, two short haired and two longhaired. What are the genotypes of the parents?
a) Aa x aa
b) AA x Aa
c) Aa x Aa
d) AA x aa

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