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Convenience food is
a) a food that has been commercially processed to make it more convenient to use
b) food that you only have to cook for 5 min
c) food that you put in the microwave
d) food that you don't have to cook

Convenience foods typically
a) have a longer shelf life
b) have a shorter shelf life
c) mold very easily
d) are made from dog food

Convenience foods typically
a) are more expensive to buy
b) are cheaper to buy
c) are in damaged packages
d) are not found at walmart

foods made from a vegetable protein and processed to resemble animal food
a) analogues
b) formed product
c) very cheap foods
d) starfish

a product made from a less expensive food and substituted for a more expensive one
a) formed product
b) analogues
c) starfish
d) there is no such thing

One disadvantage of a convenience food is
a) it is not as nutritious
b) it is cheap
c) it is very low in fat
d) you can not buy it at walmart

A way you can make your own conv foods
a) dice onions/peppers and put in the freezer
b) buy diced onions/peppers already diced
c) buy a cake mix with 2 or fewer ingredients
d) buy your own pancake mix

an example of a convenience food is
a) frozen biscuits
b) biscuits made from scratch
c) a bag of potatoes
d) an apple

What is an example of an analogue?
a) soy burgers
b) sandwich cut in the shape of a dinosaur
c) pancakes in the shape of mickey mouse
d) already formed, frozen hamburger patties

Why do you buy convenience foods?
a) all of the above
b) it is quicker to fix
c) less clean up
d) they will last longer in the cubboard

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