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1. Which term best describes the purpose of a Punnett square?
a) analyze
b) conclude
c) test
d) predict

2. An organism's _____ is its combination of alleles.
a) genotype
b) DNA
c) heredity
d) none of the above

3. Joseph expresses a recessive phenotype for red hair. What is the best prediction regarding his genotype?
a) He is heterozygous for hair color.
b) He has a homozygous genotype for hair color.
c) He has a genotype for hair color with two different alleles.
d) He has four different alleles for hair type.

4. The blue flowers that a plant inherits from its parents are an example of a
a) sex-linked disease
b) mutation
c) trait
d) dihybrid cross

5. Most of what we know today about ____ is based on Mendel's research.
a) asexual reproduction
b) microscopes
c) cancer treatment
d) genetic engineering

6. If a person has a dominant allele for brown eyes and a recessive allele for blue eyes, which statement is correct?
a) The individual has blue eyes.
b) The individual has brown eyes.
c) The individual has eye color that is a mix of brown and blue.
d) Eye color cannot be determined based on the given information.

7. A red parent flower and a white parent flower produced a pink offspring flower. This is most likely an example of
a) multiple alleles
b) codominance
c) polygenic inheritance
d) incomplete dominance

8. Which of these is an example of a phenotype?
a) yellow flower color
b) an allele for yellow flower color within a flower's genome
c) a gene that dictates how big someone's nose will be
d) two identical alleles for nose size

9. Which of the following is the best example of codominance?
a) a mouse with a dominant allele for fur color
b) a cat with an allele for a long tail
c) a person with AB blood type
d) a plant with an allele for small leaves and an allele for red flowers

10. Suppose S represents a smooth pea and s represents a wrinkled pea. Which of the following represents a pea that is heterozygous for pea texture?
a) Ss
b) SS
c) ss
d) all of the above

11. The primary goal of gene therapy is to give a patient
a) a new, normal cell nucleus
b) a new, normal single chromosome
c) a new, normal single gene
d) new, normal reproductive organs

12. What are the chances of a father passing a Y-linked disorder to his son?
a) 25 percent
b) 50 percent
c) 75 percent
d) 100 percent

13. An autosomal dominant disorder requires ____ in order to affect an individual.
a) a combination of genetic and environmental factors
b) one copy of a mutated gene
c) a combination of sex-linked and environmental factors
d) two copies of a mutated gene

14. Imagine a scenario in which an X-linked disorder requires two copies of the mutated gene to be present. Which of the following is true?
a) Only women will be affected.
b) Only men will be affected.
c) Men and women will be equally likely to be affected.
d) Women will be more likely to be affected, although some men will be affected too.

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