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What is commodity money?
a) furniture
b) credit cards
c) gold
d) dollar bills

What do shells, coins, and dollar bills represent?
a) specie, wampum, currency
b) wampum,specie,fiat money
c) specie, fiat money, currency
d) fiat money, currency, wampum

How do we keep money's value?
a) more distribution of money
b) inflation
c) stop printing money

What has been happening to the US dollar?
a) has been rising
b) has been decresing
c) has been steady
d) has not moved

Dollar value of all final goods produced within a nations border in one year is?
a) Supply
c) GDP
d) demand

Business cycle is?
a) GDP
b) up and down of GDP
c) left and right of GDP
d) peak of GDP

The order of business cycle is?
a) expansion, trough, peak, recession
b) trough, expansion, recession, peak
c) trough, expansion, peak, recession
d) expansion, trough, recession, peak

Six months in real GDP is down for?
a) business cycle
b) expansion
c) recession
d) contraction

What are tools of monetary policy?
a) inflation gap
b) reserve requirement
c) open market operations
d) discount rate

Why was the FDIC established?
a) to speed up the economy
b) to slow down the economy
c) to trust banks
d) to give money

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